About Spark Eduportal

Spark Eduportal is first in the eLearning Industry that provides 100% secure videos and Live Webcasting. It focuses on custom Videos created by tutors rather than text or ppt contents. To enhance the learning pace we provide Real time collaboration tools and whiteboard. If there is a need for one to one interaction eduportal has the option of live video conference. Every activity should be monitored and we have complete user statistics for the authorised people to track the progress. Our product enables the pupils who has only access to the Internet with an opportunity to learn.

Our Mission Statement

Enable organisations and Institutions to equip their staff and students to learn various processes, projects, subjects or technology in a quick and orderly manner.

Who we Are?

We are a IT solution provider with an impeccable track record of more than 10+ years. Our profound knowledge in the streaming technologies enabled us to build the best e-Learning platform in the world "SparkEduportal". Addon features of Livestreaming, Autorecord, Videoconference makes our platform stands out from the rest. Our company is driven by Mr Shijil and Mr Premsai Founder and co-Founder with an excellent team of developers and server engineers.


  • Our product and services are 100% customer centric and will always try to excel above their expectations.
  • We will remain transparent and open in all our activities to build the trust and confidence in all the services we provide.