Why Sparkeduportal

Our product Spark Eduportal is India’s first secure recorded and live video content based learning management solution. It provides a Simple, Easy and Self paced learning platform to its users. It can be considered as a parallel learning solution apart from the traditional methods. It augments the speed at which the students can learn upon different subjects.

Innovative e-Learning

Our e-Learning platform has all the features which transforms all physical components involved in a traditional way of learning to a virtual platform. It is integrated with advanced technologies of Livestreaming, Video conferencing, Exams, Attendance, Online video contents all inclusive in one single platform.

User Friendly Platform

A tutor/ student even with the knowledge of using a social media platform can use our platform with ease. All can features are self explanatory and browser based, nothing needs to be installed in their desktop or laptop.

Fair Priced

We are offering a per user subscription model so no upfront cost. The amount of data that can be stored, unmetered bandwidth,processing power allocated for the hardware for each client are exclusive and not shared. None are offering these and advanced features at our price.

What else a customer can expect from SparkEduportal

We have around the clock 24/7 support team who are tech savvy and can provide immediate solutions to your issues rather than keep you waiting with different levels of support.
Keep your branding for this e-Learning platform. We also provide web portal and mobile app in your brand name.

95% of people says it's easy for them to learn through videos at a self-pace. Wouldn’t you be interested in trying it?