Benefits of using Spark Eduportal

Advantage Student:

  • Anytime Anywhere by Any Device Students get this flexibility to learn their subjects
  • No limit to watch lectures
    Can watch lectures multiple times and learn the concepts thoroughly
  • Updated Learning Contents
    Latest contents can be learned.
  • Reduced time to learn
    25% of time can be reduced compared to traditional methods
  • Consistent and Effective
    It provides equal attention to all and more effective compared to traditional methods

Advantage Teachers

  • Increases Creativity of Teachers
    Added creativity and better content to grab the attention of students.
  • Competitiveness
    An opportunity to learn from their peers on how they are teaching and engaging their students.
  • Feedback
    Honest feedback from Students will add value to the contents Teacher creates for them.
  • Engaging.
    eLearning platform brings more association with parents, students and teachers as they can communicate quite often.

Advantage Organisation

  • Cost savings
    Remarkable cost savings as trainers and trainees need not travel around to different locations to attend training.
  • Measurable
    Every aspect of the training process is strictly monitored and organization heads have total control over it.
  • Scalable
    As your organization grows, only the contents of eLearning needs to be scaled. No need of having off campus training centers.
  • Engaging and Effective
    As per IBM whitepaper trainees are 20% more engaged when using eLearning platform thereby more effectiveness to the training program.
 About Spark Eduportal

About Spark Eduportal

Spark Eduportal is first in the eLearning Industry that provides 100% secure videos and Live Webcasting. It focuses on custom Videos created by tutors rather than text or ppt contents. To enhance the learning pace we provide Real time collaboration tools and whiteboard. If there is a need for one to one interaction eduportal has the option of live video conference. Every activity should be monitored and we have complete user statistics for the authorised people to track the progress. Our product enables the pupils who has only access to the Internet with an opportunity to learn.

Spark Eduportal Features

Course Management

No technical expertise required.
Add rich course content (Audio/Video)
Drag and Drop sections and reorder contents

User and Group Management

Create multiple groups from the user list
Assign courses with ease
Schedule events for each group or user


Insightful and actionable reports
Access custom data report
All user roles has access to reports

Assessment Tests

Ease in creating Tests
Automated evaluation of Scores.
No restriction in the Test creation.

Video Conference

HD quality Audio and Video
Share Desktop and chat
Whiteboard to teach realtime

Live webcasting or Streaming

Reaches maximum number of students
Interact with tutor using chat
Secure and accessible by all devices


All videos are not downloadable
User login can’t be shared.
Stringent authentication rules.


Rewards students with certification
Awards it after passing final Test
Certificates are downloadable

Self paced Learning

Watch course videos anytime,anywhere
Use any device to access portal
Initiate discussion with tutor to clear doubts

Latest Technology

Adopted latest streaming technology.
HD videos converted to multi-bit rate.
Videos are delivered to all end devices.

Disabled Friendly

Eduportal guarantees a barrier-free chance for all learners to engage in web-based learning operations. While adapting internet learning environments to the requirements of individuals with disabilities, it also serves as a best practice for generating and developing learning possibilities that are available to everyone.

Why you should use Spark Eduportal?

Gone are the days of ppt, pdf and text content for learning, now it’s the era of Video content for learning.

Our product Spark Eduportal is India’s first secure Recorded and Live Video content based Learning management solution. It provides a Simple, Easy and Self Paced Learning platform to its users. It can be considered as a Parallel learning solution apart from the traditional methods. It augments the speed at which the students can learn upon different subjects.


Irrespective of the number of users you create, the total users who are online and connected to Spark-eduportal .
Live streaming is done when you want to stream a class to many students. It will be one to many approach. For live streaming you should have a Live encoder application installed for eg(Xsplit, Wirecast, Vmix) etc. You can share your screen and also live camera to the users who are watching your class.
When you want to have a 1 on 1 interactive session or max group of 3 or 4 then use Video conference. Remember the hardware and bandwidth of the people who participates in the conference is also important because the browser is doing the encoding and publishing of videos.
We primarily target schools, colleges or online education companies who has 250 students or more. For this we should allocate a dedicated server, support staff and streaming software etc. This extra expense can covered only if we have a per user billing.
For every user above 250 the per user .charge will be reduced
Yes we can provide you with the custom plans, please sent us a mail with your requirement.
Smart Class and a eLearning solution is different. Smart class is to make the teaching convenient inside a class room. But our solution is a Virtual School by itself where teachers create contents which students can watch and learn anytime, anywhere.
It’s a one time effort for the teacher. Since the teaching material He/she will do extensive research on the topic and put their best performance to make students understand about the topic. This effort will help them in long term, because they need not repeat the same topic for his/her future students.
We believe in your own content and avoid the boredom. Many a studies proved that Video content of the subject is more captivating than normal, pdf, ppt or text content. Regarding Youtube, you can’t guarantee that those videos will be there forever so it’s better to have your own content and don’t dep
This is the Myth everyone has, you can see the revolution that happened to mobile phones. It is like a mini computer that everyone can hold in their hands. Since learning is again something that can be done using Internet, it is high time that Schools, Colleges also go with the pace of having an online platform for their students to choose. Or else sooner or later corporates will enter the education sector and rest will be history.

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